Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moses Gonzalez

Ok I know this is 2 months ago, but I wanted to add our trip to Mexico story since this is now my journal and I didn't want to forget anything about our adventure down there. For a few years now we have been going to Mexico a few weeks before Christmas to give blankets, clothes and food to needy families who live near the city dump in Nogales, Mexico. In coming in to Mexico we entered the wrong port and were headed for the wrong city.

About 5 minutes later we discovered we could not get to Nogales on this road and we would have to now go through the border again and leave Mexico and then come back in through the correct boarder. The only problem was that the line to leave to country and then get back in was about 5 hours long and by that time it would be too late to give out the stuff and get back across to USA before they closed the border.

So with the 7 cars we had with us we tried to get back in line to get accross. At this point we were in stand still traffic and Carlos got out to see what we could do. A young man selling newpapers saw what we were trying to do and came up to Carlos and told him there was a way we wouldn't have to wait in line and we could get to Nogales. We had no idea what was about to happen, but we had come all that way with car fulls of stuff and wanted to be able to give it away. We agree and he lead the lead car in our caravan to where all the semi truck were waiting. Then it hit us. He was going to take us through the semi's going the wrong way and then go back the wrong way again on to on coming traffic to get through to border. Sorry if this is not making sence, but it is very complicated to explain. At first the semi's were stopped. This young man, or "Moses Gonzalez" as we later called him had to get these huge semis to litterally part the road and let us through the middle. Many didn't want to do it, but this little Moses conviced them to and to let our group get by. Finally we had made it through that parked semis. Now we were driving on the wrong side of the road going about 35- 45 mph with oncoming SEMI traffic! Carlos and I were the last of the 7 cars, but I was still scared. We finally made it to where we could turn around and then had to go again onto on coming traffic heading back to the border for a few more miles. We got to the border and the border patrol didn't see us. It was a miracle. No one stopped us, we didn't get hit by on coming traffic, we didn't have to wait for hours, and Moses has saved the day! We were able to deliver these much needed items to families who were freezing with no electricity or heaters. It was humbling to see how they lived and how greatful they were for everything. That night I told Nicholas about the kids we saw and how happy they were to have a new warm hat or gloves. I told him many children that we saw don't have a warm bed and are very cold at night. That night and everyday since he has prayed at night that he is thankful that he has a warm bed.

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Kim said...

Crazy story. I'm glad you found your little Moses to part the semis.

Hope you're doing well!

Kim said...
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