Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Girl for Gaby and a vote for Mitt

This picture of Eliza was taken today. I think she was trying to pose for the camera.

Yesterday Carlos was able to vote in his first election EVER! Since becoming a citizen last Oct he has been so excited to be able to vote for Mitt Romney. He said it felt great to be able to vote. Watching his excitement to vote to participate in electing our government officials has really made me realize how greatful I am to live in this country and what a privelage it is to be able to vote!

Gaby (Carlos' sister) called us yesterday to let us know they are going to be having a GIRL!!! YEA! We are so excited for Gaby and Luis and for Erick to have a baby sister!

I just had to add this picture of Nicholas becuase I think it is so funny. If you can't tell buy the box it is a pair of shoes and his face just makes me laugh.


The Driggs said...

Hurray for Mitt Romney, and hurray that Carlos was able to vote! Marci, your kids are clones of you and Carlos. I love Eliza's reminds me of the pictures I've seen of you when you were little! And that face that Nicholas is making is too funny!

Stephanie Kaye said...

Congrats to Gaby for having a girl, and Carlos for voting!!! That little Eliza is so CUTE! I love her! And that face is sooo classic of Nicholas.... ummm funny I LOVE HIM!!!