Monday, January 28, 2008

Visit from Aunt Lissy

Nicholas now thinks he can take pictures. The one of Carlos, Eliza, and I he took himself. The one of Eliza in a pink chair was taken at a cute store full of fun little girl things. Melissa and I were looking as some little girl books and Eliza picked up a little stuffed dog and said, "ohhhh cute." It was so funny. The next day we made some Oo-bleck (sp?) from corn starch and water. Eliza didn't like getting her hands dirty, but Nicholas loved it. It was a great weekend and we can't wait till everyone comes back again in March for my brother Sean's wedding!

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Anna Macfarlane said...

Yeah! A new post. I'll make you dinner once a week so you can post something new! (tee hee)

Tal gal said...

I cant wait to atch up your bro is getting married?? I am way behind. I cannt believe how cute little Eliza is your curly blonde hair!!