Thursday, October 2, 2008

September stuff

There were a few things that got missed in September, so here they are!
Nico started preschool at Mrs. McClure's. He loves it and is learning a lot.

Carlos came with us to drop him off for his first day. He wanted to walk up all by himself, even on the first day!

Around Nico's birthday we took the kids to the Rainforest Cafe. (A restaurant that looks like you are in the jungle complete with moving but fake animals.)

Nicholas thought is was great, but we had to convince Eliza that the animals were not real. During the first "thunderstorm" she was literally shaking in her seat!

A few weekends ago it was a Friday afternoon and we didn't have much going on. I suggested we take off to Sedona for the night and find a time share presentation so we could have a free night stay. We had a great time walking around Sedona and it was so great to get away and be just the two of us.
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The next day they had some kind of Mexican festival where we walked around and heard live Mariachi music.
We thought now that it was getting "cooler" in the evenings we would go to Freestone Park and feed the ducks. We had a great time, although 90 degrees still is not COOL weather yet.