Friday, October 31, 2008

Elder Cook

Last weekend we went to Nielsen's with everyone to celebrate Danny leaving on his mission. (If you haven't had thier Peach Cobbler it is amazing!)

He gave a great farewell talk on Sunday and afterwards we all said why we love Danny.

Danny is one of the most serving and selfless people I know. He is always willing to jump in and help out. Whether is it moving a trampoline, hauling stuff with the trailer, or watching the kids he never complains will rearrange his schedule to help someone. He is an amazing brother and uncle and the kids look up to him so much.

Saying goodbye.
Here is a very excited Elder Cook ready to enter the MTC.
We love you Danny and miss you already!
(Nicholas asked me on Friday if he was back yet...two years is a LONG time for a four year old!)


melanie said...

How happy and how sad. I felt like crying and I have never even met your brother. Your kids will be so big when he gets home. He will enjoy your blog for the next 2 years.