Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wasn't everyday supposed to be like this?

Two weeks ago Carlos and I were both very busy with work and I felt like the kids were getting a little bored. So we decided to have a fun Friday and headed to Scottsdale. First we went to Penzey's (a great spice store) and as Melissa described it had a "party for our noses." Then as we were heading to the mall we saw Sprinkles and decided to have a party for our mouths too!

They were delicious! I highly recommend the red velvet flavor.

Then we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop and the kids had a great time picking out a new friend. Nicholas chose a dog and Eliza picked a cute teddy bear. None of us had ever been so it was a great new experience. Then we headed to the play area for a while, got some lunch, and finished off at the pet shop. As I was driving home I remember thinking when I was younger that this is how everyday would be when I had kids. Too bad it feels like these kind of days are so few and far between!

Last week Eliza woke up early and decided she wanted to get going. I was in the kitchen and she walked in with all of this stuff and announced, "I'm ready!" This was about 6:45am. What a funny kid.
It was last Tuesday and I was trying to think of something fun we could do while it was still summer and we could be a little more flexible with bedtimes. I found out the the drive-inn movies were only $4 per person on Tuesdays and that the kids were free. So we tried out Carlos' new work van and took out the back seat so we would have a place to sit and watch the movie. We saw "Journey to the center of the Earth" Not the greatest movie, but the kids had fun. *Just a caution if you want to try this- it was very hot! For some reason I thought it would cool down a little at night, but inside the car with no breeze it got pretty warm!

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Tal gal said...

Summer fun!! I wish our UTah trips would have been the same time then I could have seen you!

melanie said...

You have got to love those cupcakes! I love days like that when you just have fun. You really should have more. Once the kids are in school it gets harder to just have no plans. Thanks for having my boys over. They had a GREAT time with the slip and slide.

Anna Macfarlane said...

Hey Nico: Johnny has the same dog. Remember, it's Peekaboo for Johnny. He loves it so much. What is your dog's name?

Marci, you ARE a good mom and every day is fun day with you! MISS YOU GUYS!

Carrie & Jayson Carp said...

Um, Marci? Remember me? I promise I'm not some crazy blog-stalker. I just wanted to say hello and that you look awesome. You guys make some beautiful children, you'd better have a whole bunch! Hope all is well, I seriously miss working with you!

Eliza Uribe said...

You guys are sooooo cute. Change the color so I cant read what you wrote. It is so hard to read.