Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

I love the 4th of July and the do it up pretty big in Provo. We went up to see Carlos' sister, Gaby, and her new baby Amelie. The kids loved the parade and going to Stadium of Fire. Too bad they weren't a few years older to enjoy seeing Hannah Montana. Although if you ask Nicholas what he liked the best he will tell you it was playing with my sister Melissa's dog at the park.

Eliza liked the fireworks, they were just a little too loud for her. What she didn't like was the four F-16 fighter jets that flew over us and literally shook the stadium.
The next day we got to hang out with the MacFarlane clan for a little bit. Crazy how kids change so much in just a few months.
Eliza was so excited to hold her new baby cousin.
This was the morning of the blessing.

Beautiful baby Amelie.
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We got to see Gaby and Luis' new house they are going to move into in just a few weeks.


Anna Macfarlane said...

We loved seeing you guys, even if only for a couple of hours and without Senor Carlos!

Eliza has grown a ton in a few months, loved seeing her! Miss you