Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cruise part 2

This is on the streets of Nassau. Carlos loved the culture and atmosphere of the country.

The next day we spent on Castaway, which is a very small island owned by Disney. The beaches were beautiful and the weather was perfect. They had one of the pirate ships from the "Pirates" movies there. The picture doesn't do it justice, but I couldn't believe the detail in the ship.

The kids loved playing in the water and sand.

My mom, Danny and I went on a banana boat ride. The water was an amazing crystal clear blue color. We went out about a mile or so from the boat and were riding around. We stopped for a minute and I looked down expecting the water to be deep since we were very far from the shore. I was shocked to see the water was only about 10 feet deep and you could see all the way to the bottom! Bahamas actually means "low waters." Now I can understand why!

That night we ate at Triton's. All of the restaurants were delicious and it was fun to talk to the servers who were from all over the country.

The morning we left we went to the top and walked around a little and saw the sun come up. It was a great end to an unforgettable cruise- now off to Disney world! As we drove away my mom asked Nicholas what his favorite part was. He said he liked it, but where was the Dumbo ride and the Fasari? (Safari) She told him we were on our way...

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Becky said...

GREAT PICS! The cruise alone looks like a blast. Can't wait to hear about Disney World. Any chance that you are still recuperating?

Anna Macfarlane said...

How fun does that look?!?! Eliza is so dang cute, it's not fair. I tell you, you have got quite the good life, Miss Marci! Miss you guys like crazy!

BTW, your music player is OVER pictures and text constantly, so you can't always read or see what you've written or posted. Maybe you could place it on the bottom of the page?? LOVE!

Kim said...

What a fun family vacation, and what a cute family! Todd's parents keep talking about a Disney cruise for the family so its fun to see what you did on yours.

Farrah said...

How fun for you and your family. We may have been in Nassau at the same time. How funny! Hopefully your kids had a great time at Disney World. I don't know how they couldn't!