Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The end of June we went to Utah and stayed a few days at my grandparents cabin in Scofield.

We all had a great time fishing, but on the second day Carlos was SO excited when he caught the biggest fish of the weekend. Nicholas was great at scooping the fish up with the net.

The kids loved driving the boat, and seeing the fishes flop around.

Nicholas and Eliza got really good at burning their marshmallows.

My grandma came up the second day to see everyone. Here is Nico, Eliza, and Chambry (Melissa's baby) with their great grandparents.

On the way there we took a little different drive, but it was the most beautiful part of Utah I have ever seen. If you ever get a chance to drive through Moroni, Fairview to Scofield in the summer time don't miss it. It is a little windy though, but very worth it. (it was a little too windy for Eliza's sensitive stomach...)


Polly said...

I can remember visiting your grandparents with you! Your family looks great. I can't believ how ibg it is. Are we really old enough to have that many kids?