Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Education Week

Ok I am finally back! I have a lot of catching up to do so here goes!

Last month I went up to Utah for Education Week. I arrived on Sat and that night my brother Danny and sister Stephanie and my parents went to Sundance to watch the play "A mid summer nights dream" We were all very tired and not really into the play, so we left at intermission. We still had a great time. Stephanie and I were playing with my mom's phone and laughing at the posts on "seriously so blessed" blog. Maybe that's why we couldn't really figure out the play.

Sunday we went to hear Steph teach a RS lesson and then Danny took us to the MTC to the call center where we made some follow up calls to people who had received videos like "The lamb of God" in the mail. I even made some calls in Spanish! It was so cool.

Monday Mom and I started classes. We were serious about learning all we could at education week and were there everyday from at least 8am-5pm. Tuesday I met up with Nicky and Terese and her sister Holly. We had a great time attending classes and walking around campus.

Thursday we went up to Anna's to celebrate her 30th birthday a little early. Even Melanie flew up for the occasion! It was so fun to be all together!

Thanks again to Carlos and his mom, Arlene, for watching to kids and taking care of everything while I was gone. You guys are the best!


Anna Macfarlane said...

Looks like fun...

... oh wait! It was FUN! (at least the part I was in)

Thanks again for EVERYTHING! You guys really made my 30th that much more awesome! LOVE YOU!

melanie said...

We do know how to have fun! I am so glad we were all their at the same time to go out. I wish i was able to go to classes. Next year.

terese said...

Wow you've been a blogging fool!!

Definitely something to do every year!